"You're looking well"

Every year many thousand gastroenterologists like me gather for a scientific meeting called Digestive Disease week (actually 4 days). Last month it was in San Diego. Inevitably we bump into people from all over the world that we haven’t seen for years, which is always fun. But this year I was struck by how many…
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Bonnie Illustrator

Fred the snake lay dormant for many years because I could not find an appropriate illustrator. Happily, Amazon’s publishing house (Createspace) showed me some of the work of their regular artists, and I loved what I saw of Bonnie Lemaire’s prior illustrations. She was obviously the right person to bring Fred to life. Bonnie lives…
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Oooops, gator

We love living on a nature reserve ( but commuting can be tricky

Odd "animals" on Dewees beach

What do these look like?  Can you see a gator, old donkey and a rhino on our beach? Love from Gdow

Aim higher; attitude

The senior nurse (Phyllis Malpas), who manages our Endoscopy department at the Medical University where I work, is the incoming President of the SGNA, the Society for Gastrointestinal Nurses and Associates in USA. Kudos to her and a tribute to her leadership talents. She is making a video for her presidential address, and asked me,…
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Eagles on and off the course

We enjoyed hosting Marion and Linda Wier from Augusta for the weekend. Dewees was blooming, and even the gators were sunbathing.         More unusual and very exciting, we have bald eagles nesting near the impoundment.     Our regular golf match with the Wiers was close, despite Linda scoring a (net) double…
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Weekend in Miami Beach

Sorry for radio silence. We were at a surgical meeting in Miami Beach, which consists of lots of tall buildings, like our hotel Eden roc hotel           and many people speaking Spanish. Weather good and some nice seafood restaurants  Golf a little disappointing (as usual), but the course had some amazing trees…
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Gardening on Dewees

Spring is in the air (as is the pollen from the trees). Warm weather (over 80F a few days ago) and plenty of rain (more than 3 inches over the weekend) will surely stimulate some growth. The azaleas in the canoe are blooming,   and we have 2 figs growing on the deck!    …
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Weekend in Montreal

Grandy and I just spent 3 days in Montreal, the second biggest city in Canada (after Toronto). It is in the province called Quebec, on the eastern side of the country, based on an island in the St Laurence river, which stretches from Lake Ontario to the Ocean. It was very cold, with fresh snow.…
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The Dewees Islander ferry

We Christened our new ferry yesterday at the Dewees Island Marina in rather unusual (but needed) rain. It has lots of room on top (for when the sun shines), a cabin with heating/air conditioning, more space for luggage carts, and a flat screen TV monitor to show announcemnents of upcoming events. Reggie Fairchild give some…
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