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Having semi-retired, I now have more time to reflect on my many blessings. Topping the list are my wonderful family and dozens of close friends around the world.

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Follow Fred the Snake on his wonderful adventures and mishaps in the city as he learns lessons and makes friends.


My 60 year medical career focused on a procedure called ERCP. I am now semi-retired but still involved with MUSC and medical research.


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These intermittent ramblings are aimed at my special family, and friends all over the world. I hope that some of them entertain. Comments welcome

Looking forward to the pantomime in England “Oh yes we are”

For those not familiar with “Panto”, a traditional holiday treat in England, I offer a few comments and explanations with much help from my friend Wikipedia. Please support Wikipedia Pantomime[…]

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Hong Kong Endoscopy workshops

The live endoscopy workshops based at the Prince Of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong are undoubtably amongst the best in the world. After a COVID pause, they resume in December[…]

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Two (different) Giants of Gastroenterology have fallen.

Sad to write that Walt Hogan and Jose Ramon Armengol Miro passed recently. They dominated their respective fields but were so different in character. Others will document their massive contributions[…]

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When Fred the Snake Goes to School by Peter B. Cotton is a charming story about a snake who goes to school and wins the hearts of everybody there.  The story also helps children realize that not all snakes are poisonous and harmful; some can be friendly too, like Fred.  Bonnie Lemaire’s illustrations breathe life into the author’s words and give good action and movement to the story, making it exciting for young readers. The story has loads of appeal and children will enjoy going to school with Fred and the little boy, having fun with them and their adventures.  When Fred the Snake Goes to School but Peter B. Cotton is good for storytelling and read-aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries.

Readers Favorite 5-Star Awards

August 2020

When Fred the Snake Goes to School is such a delightful storybook for young children.  Peter B. Cotton’s novella is written as a story in a poem format with rhymes that are well structured and amusing.  It was originally created for the author’s children and is now read to his grandkids.  The book cover is nice, but the illustrations inside are even lovelier, brightly colored, and show the characters engaged in each activity.  Fred is an adorable snake who charmed the teacher, and James is a caring pet owner.  This is a great novella that teachers will enjoy reading to their students and parents will like too.

Readers Favorite 5-star Awards

August 2020

This is a good story book if you’ve got a little one that struggles to follow the rules or if you’re just trying to explain what the rules are. The story shows why it’s so important as well, because your children can understand how much it must hurt poor Fred to be squished by a car.

Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) 

Readers’ Favorite
4 Stars