About the header photos

About the header photos

This “blog” is for our very special grandchildren: Alexandra, Charlotte and Isobelle Cotton; Perdita and Jack Richardson; Arrie B and Holly Mac Bowden; Benjamin Bakerand his son, our great-grandson, Zayden Baker. We are somewhat separated geograpically, so I hope this can keep us closer together.
Lets start with some comments about the pictures in the header of the web page. I am sorry that it doesn’t include all of our family, but we will be posting plenty of pictures from now on, and you can add comments and indeed your own photos.
Top left are myself and Grandy Marion, looking pleased with ourselves. Underneath it is a picture of me in my office at The Middlesex Hospital in London in about 1985. Note the Augusta National shirt that I wore for doing surgeries, the TV monitors designed so that I could advise my trainees doing procedures down the hall, and photos of Nicky and Andy on the desk.Better photos of them next section.Above a vision of retirement, relaxing on Dewees beach with a Martini, but still connected via an Iphone. The big panel shows me reading “Fred the snake” to Holly Mac, Grandy,Isy, Perdy, Charlotte, Arrie B and Alex. Finally an iconic pose, Andy’s first Open championship at Turnberry in 1986.

4 Responses

  1. Fiona Cotton says:

    What a lovely website, great idea Grandow 🙂 I will show it to the children tonight,
    Lots of love Fiona x

  2. Marion Cotton says:

    Well done! Now I know what you have been so busily doing lately!
    I’m very proud of you and our entire family! Much love, marion

  3. Issy cotton says:

    Dear Grandow,
    I love your new website it. Is lovely lots of love issycotton

  4. Jodi says:

    What a great concept! I will pass this information along to Ben, Kacie and Tony!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon! Love, Jodi

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