Another nice review: Lewis Carroll indeed!

Another nice review: Lewis Carroll indeed!

Children’s Bookwatch: May 2015 Midwest Book Review

An award-winning children’s book series in stunning verse, “When Fred the Snake Got Squished and Mended” (otherwise popularly known as “Fred-Fred”) is a beloved, original tale of a charming, adventurous, jungle snake pet who lacked crossing traffic skills. This amusing story is wonderfully written in rhyming narrative verse, full of British style, wit and charm. It is also beautifully illustrated with wild, lively, colorful caricature illustrations which present Fred and friends as a very personable, appealing snake. Most wonderful of all are the brave rescue and repair team who dare to tackle sewing Fred-Fred back together, a daunting task that requires special jungle thread which “comes only from the leaf of a certain bush which grows beneath large rhinos. But, who will dare disturb that wild beast in his lair?” Fortunately, Jungle Jim is up for the challenge and an amazing if unlikely adventure continues to a happy healing ending for Fred-Fred. Kids of all ages will enjoy this delightful story and entire series, originally written by an English physician for the enjoyment of his children and grandchildren. Move over for “Fred-Fred,” Lewis Carroll! Other fun Fred titles include “When Jungle Jim Came to Visit Fred the Snake,” and “When Fred the Snake Goes to School.”

Peter B. Cotton, author

Bonnie Lemaire, illustrator

Ingram Spark, publisher
. Ingram, distributor

9781452820507, $19.95,