My Fred the Snake books. Why “Snake”, and why “Fred”?

Hopefully a few of my kind readers will know that I have been writing stories for young children about Fred the Snake. The first was a bedtime story for my then small kids about how (not) to cross the road, “When Fred the Snake got Squished and mended”. The rough text laid idle in a…
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Medical staff burnout

As 2022 slides into history, we give thanks to many people for their contributions to our comfort, welfare and enjoyment, and not least to the health care workers who we older folks tend to see rather often. Personally, we are fortunate so far to have dodged serious bullets, and have excellent care when needed, but…
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I wrote and produced a pantomime Oh yes I did!

It used to be a tradition that medical students put on some sort of show at their Hospitals at Christmas time, often lampooning their chiefs. They did one when I was at the The Middlesex hospital in London called “the Gizzard of Oz”. I was the Gizzard, and the 3 plaintiffs were looking for medical…
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Celebrating Kees Huibregtse

Marion and I were so sorry to hear that Kees Huibregtse passed recently. My GI/medical readers will be well aware of Kees’ illustrious career in Amsterdam. He was one of the pioneers in the early days of flexible endoscopy and a consumate generous teacher. Endoscopists, especially “ERCPists”, flocked to learn from him from all over…
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Looking forward to the pantomime in England “Oh yes we are”

For those not familiar with “Panto”, a traditional holiday treat in England, I offer a few comments and explanations with much help from my friend Wikipedia. Please support Wikipedia Pantomime is a type of musical comedy stage production designed for family entertainment. It is performed throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and (to a lesser extent) in…
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Hong Kong Endoscopy workshops

The live endoscopy workshops based at the Prince Of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong are undoubtably amongst the best in the world. After a COVID pause, they resume in December in hybrid form with a stellar faculty. You can attend virtually for free! Check out The only snag is the time difference, 13 hours…
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Two (different) Giants of Gastroenterology have fallen.

Sad to write that Walt Hogan and Jose Ramon Armengol Miro passed recently. They dominated their respective fields but were so different in character. Others will document their massive contributions at appropriate length and eloquence. Allow me some brief personal comments and reminiscences. WALT HOGAN was a sweet gentleman, reserved, always smiling and cheerful. He…
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The Queen and the Monarchy

Knowing my British roots, which are still strong, if somewhat stretched after 36 years in USA, several people have kindly offered their condolences after the Queen’s recent passing and have asked for my comments about the monarchy. That has caused me to examine my mixed feelings about the institution. Maybe writing about it and them…
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Orlando Endoscopy Live WOW

Just back from attending a stunning conference at the Digestive Health Institute in Orlando organized by good friends Shyam Varadarajulu and Rob Hawes. Amazing what they have achieved in little more than a year since taking their team to the Orlando Health system. Their Center for Advanced endoscopy, Research and Education (CARE) is already impressive,…
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My interview with Healiogastro

A conversation with Bill Chey about the early days when endoscopy (and I) were young And a bit about how we both developed.