Great family photos; summer on Dewees Island

Thank you Alli Elmunzer for your expertise  

Down memory lane into the 1950s. Reconnecting with John Willson and John Bulmer.

  Over the last few weeks I have rediscovered and written about my first endoscopy assistants (Sue Wallace and Judy Caddy) at St Thomas’s in London in the late 1960s, and visited and honored my best old friend (Dick McCray) from 1971. And the fun continues, even further back into the 1950s…. Last weekend I…
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Honoring my best old friend

I went to visit Dick McCray this week. Sadly he is unwell. We met first in 1971 in New York. I was on my first trip to USA, traveling across west to east on my way back to England after spending 3 weeks in Japan looking at and learning a breakthrough technique that became known…
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Wow! Messages from 45 years ago

Amazing emails last week, from Sue and Judy, who helped me get started on my endoscopy career. Around 1970 I was running a small GI endoscopy service at St Thomas’s Hospital in London (although still officially in training). There were few resources and no one knew how it would all blossom into a huge industry.…
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Five years already!

My recent posts have been mainly about my books, now 5 about Fred the friendly snake, and my memoirs, “The tunnel at the end of the light”. The latter tells about my career as a gastroenterologist (a specialist who helps patients to get square meals through round holes). I am reminded that I stopped doing…
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Update on Fred the friendly snake

Fred has been busy. The recent book about exploring Charleston has been popular locally (as hoped). We recently enjoyed a visit to the nearby marvellous Edisto Serpentarium, a family owned collection of exotic creatures and photographic memorabilia. Well worth a visit And more recently still we have published a small Fred snake coloring book,…
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Feel free to unsubscribe

Being somewhat IT challenged I have relied on others to help me with this web site. I did not realize until recently that my posts have been winging their way to a LOT of people. Like me I expect that you get far more emails than you want or can can handle. You will note…
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Dedicating the Memory Garden on Dewees island

We are lucky enough to have a home on Dewees island, South Carolina. It is eco-friendly, boat-access, no cars, shops (or golf), 3 miles of unspoiled beach, 150 building sites, 70 houses so far. It is a remarkable self-managing and self-supporting community. Since the modern development of the island started in 1991 there have been…
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Great to trip to NZ and OZ

We are so lucky to have special friends “down under” who are kind enough to host and spend time with us as we escape the northern winter. We started in the lovely city of Auckland, with Linda Robert.     Then we travelled with her to Blenheim in the South Island to the Marlborough region,…
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Down memory lane at The Middlesex Hospital

In London in January for a wander down memory lane