Christopher Williams. GRAND father of British Colonoscopy

My long-time hero, collaborator and friend will be giving MUSC GI Grand rounds next Wednesday May 4th at 7 am EST on “How colonoscopy began”. He should know! Anyone who wishes to get the link can email Dr Lee at You may also enjoy the terrific video that he and other pioneers made some…
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Paul Swain’s amazing recorded talk

My hero, Paul Swain (Imperial College, London), gave MUSC GI grand rounds this week. His topic was “My inventions”. He invented so many endoscopic tools, not least sewing machines and the capsule. Enjoy!

Fred snake book 7!

The 7th book about Fred the snake and friends will be out shortly. Jungle Jim takes them on a tour of USA-East. FUN!

MUSC weekly GI lectures

We are continuing our series of lectures at 7am EST on Wednesday mornings. Contact my colleague Dr Lee if you wish to get notifications and the links. His email is

A brief video bio…..

We are lucky to live on Dewees Island, SC, which is a special supportive community. There has been an influx of new owners in the last year, so I initiated a series of zoom talks on Thursday evenings called “know your neighbors”. Here is my effort for anyone interested

MUSC weekly GI lectures

We start our series of lectures again on Jan 5th at 7am EST. The zoom link is Meeting ID: 896 4676 9345 Passcode: 487551

Endoscopic poetry…really?

Extra “unallocated” time during the pandemic has allowed me to sift through, enjoy, organize (and trash) a lot of ancient files. One file yielded two old rhyming medical ramblings, which I share with you to enjoy (or trash). The primary medical journal in the field of Gastrointestinal endoscopy is called “Gastrointestinal Endoscopy” (duh) shortened to…
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My books for young children

Over 50 years ago I wrote a bedtime story for my then young children, Andy and Nicky, about how (not) to cross the road. By chance I have the original typed text, and show some exceprts When Andy and Nicky had their own children, they asked “what happened to Fred-Fred? That stimulated me to think…
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MUSC GI lectures restart Sept 15

Join us at 7am EST every Wednesday morning for our virtual GI Grand rounds Here is the link And the schedule through October I should have mentioned that the distinguished speaker initially booked for Sept 15 had to cancel. You got me wandering down memory lane instead……

Did I mention tapestries?

Looking around our home I realised that we have many special tapestries/cross stitches that we treasure and I’d like to share. Made for us by family, friends (and a few purchased) Pride of place goes to my mother, Ruth, who made these two beauties for me about 60 years ago. The famous chapel at Kings…
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