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Your name is Peter Cotton? Really? What was your mother thinking?

I was 47 years old when I arrived in USA and discovered that I was named after a rabbit. I could not understand why shop people and others fell over laughing when I gave my name, and started singing about hopping along a bunny trail at Easter. But surely Beatrix Potter was English and wrote…
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The last time England beat Germany

England beat Germany at Football (US AKA Soccer) last week . The last time was just 55 years ago in 1966 in the final of the World Cup. I remember it well. I was trapped at that precise time at a fancy wedding reception in a large tent outside a posh house near London. No…
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Illustrating endoscopy 50 years ago

This story started with my left knee, which has troubled me intermittently for many years. Preparing for an appointment about it recently I thought that the new young specialist (they are all young now) might be interested to see my series of x-ray pictures from way back. Why am I telling you? I will explain.…
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Golfing down memory lane

If you kindly read about how golf (in USA) started in cHarleston, you may be wondering what sort of equipment might have been used at that time. I cannot tell you, except to read that “432 balls and 96 clubs were sent from the Scottish port Leith to Charleston in 1743”.  We do know that…
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Golf started in cHarleston…honest

Joke? No. Typo? No. I will explain Most people think that the game of golf, as we now know and love/hate it, arose in Scotland. It has certainly blossomed there over more than 500 years. James II asked his parliament in 1457 to prohibit “golfe” because he needed the young folk to practice their archery…
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Fred the Snake, bleeding, barbers and their striped poles

Thank you for reading my blogs, at least this one, at least this far. Most have had a medical theme, and this one will too if you persist beyond the first paragraphs. You may not know that I have also been writing books for children about Fred the friendly snake, beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire.…
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My Favorite city (and International meeting)

I am fortunate that my career has taken me to more than 50 countries. I am often asked for my favorite city, which one I would most like to revisit. Leaving aside my home now in USA, and my roots in England, my choices are much influenced by where I have friends (especially those with…
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A Boxing day story with American sub-titles

Boxing day was cool (10 degrees), so I wore plus twos over my pants, added a jumper and topped it off with my mackintosh, wellies and balaclava. There was not enough snow for sledging, so I left my toboggan behind. The translation. Boxing day. The day after Christmas, when it was traditional in Britain for…
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Have I GOTTEN all American now?

One of my readers (I hope that there may be more than one) chastised me recently for using the American word “gotten” in my latest blog. It is not in common usage in my native England, although some do refer to “ill-gotten gains”. Maybe “forgotten” and even “woe-begotten” are also somehow connected? Who said “two…
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New book about Fred the friendly snake

Delighted to confirm that my 6th book about Fred and friends is now available at booksellers and Amazon in hardback, soft cover and ebook versions Signed and personalized copies are available here on this web site Enjoy their fun adventures, including a scary moment when white water rafting