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Wonderful New Zealand

My recent ramble about friends “down under” reflected on my good fortune to have past trainees who have been kind enough to entertain us in Australia. A related medical connection took us also to New Zealand, where we were hosted by Linda Robert. We met “Bobbie” many years ago as the owner of OBEX, a…
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With close friends “down under”

One of the joys of a lifetime in academic medicine is the privelege of mentoring bright young people and watching them grow into productive careers. In my case that has included many traineees from overseas, who have kindly invited me to visit and teach, at the last count in over 50 countries. The teaching part…
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My Fred the Snake books. Why “Snake”, and why “Fred”?

Hopefully a few of my kind readers will know that I have been writing stories for young children about Fred the Snake. The first was a bedtime story for my then small kids about how (not) to cross the road, “When Fred the Snake got Squished and mended”. The rough text laid idle in a…
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I wrote and produced a pantomime Oh yes I did!

It used to be a tradition that medical students put on some sort of show at their Hospitals at Christmas time, often lampooning their chiefs. They did one when I was at the The Middlesex hospital in London called “the Gizzard of Oz”. I was the Gizzard, and the 3 plaintiffs were looking for medical…
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Looking forward to the pantomime in England “Oh yes we are”

For those not familiar with “Panto”, a traditional holiday treat in England, I offer a few comments and explanations with much help from my friend Wikipedia. Please support Wikipedia Pantomime is a type of musical comedy stage production designed for family entertainment. It is performed throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and (to a lesser extent) in…
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The Queen and the Monarchy

Knowing my British roots, which are still strong, if somewhat stretched after 36 years in USA, several people have kindly offered their condolences after the Queen’s recent passing and have asked for my comments about the monarchy. That has caused me to examine my mixed feelings about the institution. Maybe writing about it and them…
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My latest Fred snake book gets a 5 star review!

When Fred the Snake and Friends explore USA-East By Peter Cotton and Bonnie Lemaire Reviewed By Amy Louise Hill for Readers’ Favorite. June 2022. 5 STARS When Fred the Snake and Friends explore USA-East by Peter Cotton is a fun-filled and adventurous picture book for young children. Jungle Jim and his friends go sightseeing around…
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Golf: The marvellous mania

The Marvellous Mania is the title of a special book by Alistair Cooke, well known for his longstanding efforts to explain America to British listeners in his weekly radio addresses. Until seeing the book I did not know he was a fellow golf sufferer. It is a good read and his wonderful broadcasts are available…
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Fred snake book 7!

The 7th book about Fred the snake and friends will be out shortly. Jungle Jim takes them on a tour of USA-East. FUN!

A brief video bio…..

We are lucky to live on Dewees Island, SC, which is a special supportive community. There has been an influx of new owners in the last year, so I initiated a series of zoom talks on Thursday evenings called “know your neighbors”. Here is my effort for anyone interested