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My Fred the Snake books. Why “Snake”, and why “Fred”?

Hopefully a few of my kind readers will know that I have been writing stories for young children about Fred the Snake. The first was a bedtime story for my then small kids about how (not) to cross the road, “When Fred the Snake got Squished and mended”. The rough text laid idle in a…
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My latest Fred snake book gets a 5 star review!

When Fred the Snake and Friends explore USA-East By Peter Cotton and Bonnie Lemaire Reviewed By Amy Louise Hill for Readers’ Favorite. June 2022. 5 STARS When Fred the Snake and Friends explore USA-East by Peter Cotton is a fun-filled and adventurous picture book for young children. Jungle Jim and his friends go sightseeing around…
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Fred snake book 7!

The 7th book about Fred the snake and friends will be out shortly. Jungle Jim takes them on a tour of USA-East. FUN!

My books for young children

Over 50 years ago I wrote a bedtime story for my then young children, Andy and Nicky, about how (not) to cross the road. By chance I have the original typed text, and show some exceprts When Andy and Nicky had their own children, they asked “what happened to Fred-Fred? That stimulated me to think…
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Fred the Snake, bleeding, barbers and their striped poles

Thank you for reading my blogs, at least this one, at least this far. Most have had a medical theme, and this one will too if you persist beyond the first paragraphs. You may not know that I have also been writing books for children about Fred the friendly snake, beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire.…
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New book about Fred the friendly snake

Delighted to confirm that my 6th book about Fred and friends is now available at booksellers and Amazon in hardback, soft cover and ebook versions Signed and personalized copies are available here on this web site Enjoy their fun adventures, including a scary moment when white water rafting

Fred the snake takes his friends camping

A change of plan for Fred the Snake book 6. Rather than touring USA sights as we thought recently, Fred the friendly snake has decided to go camping with Jim, Perdy and Jack, and a few of his animal friends. I can’t wait to see how Bonnie illustrates some of the adventures, like this one…
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Update on Fred the Snake books

Some exciting developments. Since teaming up with Bublish ( we have revamped Freds 1-3 and 5, and are just completing changes to Fred 4 (adding other sights around Charleston). All in hardback, softback and ebooks. Available at decent stores and (signed) at Selling childrens books is tough. There are so many excellent ones on…
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New reviews of Fred getting squished and mended

Reviewed By Samantha Dewitt (Rivera) for Readers’ Favorite Review Rating: 4 Stars Poor Fred is not used to living in a city, and that means he doesn’t understand how to take care when crossing the street. But venturing out across the street is a dangerous activity for any little one, which turns into a problem…
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Help me with my books about Fred the friendly snake….please

Some know that I have written 5 books for children about Fred the friendly snake, beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire from Canada. They have won some awards, are popular locally, and with friends and family. In an attempt to broaden our scope, I have teamed up with Bublish ( a local company that publishes and promotes.…
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