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Fred the Snake visits friends at a reptile show!

We went to the “Repticon” reptile show in Columbia (SC) to see how many people would be interested to meet Fred, and to take some books home. Happily, several did. A truly ethnic experience. They had a special place for me.     We met new friends     Marion was very brave.

Fred is going to a reptile show!

We are going to the large Repticon show in Columbia at the weekend. Fred is looking forward to meeting many new friends, and introducing them to his books. (Marion is not too sure about it)

Reading at The very Little Bookstore in Summerville

Fred and I had fun reading to a young audience on my birthday!   

Jungle Jim getting his friends ready to travel

This is a line drawing for the 3rd Fred book “When Jungle Jim and Friends come to visit Fred the Snake”. Why not help by printing it out, coloring it and sending it to me on Facebook?

Fred 3 is in the works.

Bonnie is working her magic on the illustrations for the 3rd Fred Snake book “When Jungle Jim comes to visit Fred the Snake”. I asked her to send me one outline in draft which can be used as a coloring challenge. Why not try and send the results to This illustration goes with “Then…
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The second book about Fred the Snake is published

“When Fred the Snake goes to School” is now available. I am expecting copies to arrive very soon, and will be sending them to family and special friends, and also making a marketing push in various ways.

Fred 2 getting closer.

Here is the Title page!

2012 Christmas letter

Xmas 2012 print 1 compressed Xmas 2012 print 2 compressed

Fred 2 on the way!

AT LAST! Bonnie Lemaire has finished the illustrations for the second Fred book, called “When Fred the snake goes to school”. They are well worth the wait, as shown in the one showing Fred acting as a skipping/jump rope for the school kids. The publisher hopes to get the book out before Christmas

Bonnie Illustrator

Fred the snake lay dormant for many years because I could not find an appropriate illustrator. Happily, Amazon’s publishing house (Createspace) showed me some of the work of their regular artists, and I loved what I saw of Bonnie Lemaire’s prior illustrations. She was obviously the right person to bring Fred to life. Bonnie lives…
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