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My interview with Healiogastro

A conversation with Bill Chey about the early days when endoscopy (and I) were young And a bit about how we both developed.

MUSC GI/Hepatology conference on Sept 17

Register now to join us in person or virtually at the Medical University of South Carolina’s annual GI/H conference and Alumni reunion. Saturday September 17th at the Mills House hotel in Charleston. Great place to visit (and learn). Discounted “early bird” registration closes on August 19th. Per ardua ad astra Join us here……

MUSC GI Update conference September 17 2022

Our annual Gastroenterology and Hepatology conference this year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Division (a little late due to COVID). All of the speakers have trained an/d or worked at MUSC, and we are encouraging all Alumni to participate. It will be held at the Mills House hotel in Charleston on Saturday September 17th…
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MUSC weekly GI lectures

We start our series of lectures again on Jan 5th at 7am EST. The zoom link is Meeting ID: 896 4676 9345 Passcode: 487551

MUSC GI lectures restart Sept 15

Join us at 7am EST every Wednesday morning for our virtual GI Grand rounds Here is the link And the schedule through October I should have mentioned that the distinguished speaker initially booked for Sept 15 had to cancel. You got me wandering down memory lane instead……

Isolating quietly on Dewees island

The world has imploded since my last ramblings less than a month ago. We are locked down, worried about family and friends, and especially those in harm’s way. As a retired physician I am acutely aware of the dedication of all those now in the trenches, and feeling guilty that I am not there with…
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Feel free to unsubscribe

Being somewhat IT challenged I have relied on others to help me with this web site. I did not realize until recently that my posts have been winging their way to a LOT of people. Like me I expect that you get far more emails than you want or can can handle. You will note…
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