Feel free to unsubscribe

Feel free to unsubscribe

Being somewhat IT challenged I have relied on others to help me with this web site. I did not realize until recently that my posts have been winging their way to a LOT of people. Like me I expect that you get far more emails than you want or can can handle. You will note that each post has an unsubscribe option, so please activate it if my meanderings do not appeal. (Or you can recommend others….)

Bye and/or thanks

Peter C

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  1. Ann Procter says:

    Great to have them, “little” brother, but I don’t promise to read every word! XX Ann

  2. Chips Reid says:

    Dear Cousin Peter:

    I am reading avidly your posts . Basically , using Word Press and your own web site, you have found a slick way of writing and at the same time allowing others to read and learn your amazing career, life and well written children’s stories. Thank you.

    By the way our Cousin Miranda has found another unique way to do the same by starting to writing about the houses in which she has lived. Have you seen them?

    My mother, when making her many scribbled notes, apparently in preparation for writing her story, scribbled down a list of her “beds”. It is an amazingly long list of the bedrooms she occupied . The most revealing one was a converted walk-in closet containing her bed. She was being housed for free by Uncle Tom Lee’s third wife, Joannie’s small flat in London!
    I am going to write her story , I promise!

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