Fred the snake takes his friends camping

Fred the snake takes his friends camping

A change of plan for Fred the Snake book 6. Rather than touring USA sights as we thought recently, Fred the friendly snake has decided to go camping with Jim, Perdy and Jack, and a few of his animal friends. I can’t wait to see how Bonnie illustrates some of the adventures, like this one when whitewater rafting……

The journey started gentle, slow, but around the corner, WHOA! There’s a very big surprise. They could not believe their eyes.                                           

They’re speeding to a waterfall, and it’s looking scary tall.

Jim said I’ll try to stop, by bouncing on that great big rock. 

He did it, but, by that juncture, caused the boat to have a puncture.  

Now the family is stranded. Leaving the boat, they landed,on an island, but you see, there’s nothing there except a tree.

Jim said “We’re all alone, there is no signal on my phone. But, please stay calm, and we’ll not come to any harm. We must get a message sent, about our new predicament.

Jack, in that box you’ll find a flare, fire it way up in the air”.  “Perdy, please, climb up that tree, and tell us all what you can see, using your bi-noc-ular.” “Hurrah. I see a ranger in his car”.

Be well and please keep in touch.