Gardening on Dewees

Gardening on Dewees

Azalea bravely blooming

Spring is in the air (as is the pollen from the trees). Warm weather (over 80F a few days ago) and plenty of rain (more than 3 inches over the weekend) will surely stimulate some growth. The azaleas in the canoe are blooming,


Figs on Dewees

and we have 2 figs growing on the deck!

My vegetable cage has been replenished


Our vegatable garden

and shows signs of growth

Inside the vegetable cage
Marion asked for a worm farm for Christmas, to compost our scraps. It seems to be doing just fine!

Inside the worm composter


Lovely worm manure

I am still having difficulty getting the pictures in the right places, but we are learning slowly.

Lots love from Grandow
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3 Responses

  1. Jodi says:

    Looking good, Petah! Excited about your veggies and fruits! We may plant some after Easter.

    Hoping to see you soon!


  2. Nicky says:

    We look forward to eating some of the fruits of your labours this summer. Perdy and Jack are saying everyday at the moment that they want to go swimming at Grandow’s.

  3. Fiona Cotton says:

    If you freeze some figs, I’ll make a “yummy little dish” when over in July, for us all to try! Fiona xxx

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