I wrote and produced a pantomime Oh yes I did!

I wrote and produced a pantomime Oh yes I did!

It used to be a tradition that medical students put on some sort of show at their Hospitals at Christmas time, often lampooning their chiefs. They did one when I was at the The Middlesex hospital in London called “the Gizzard of Oz”. I was the Gizzard, and the 3 plaintiffs were looking for medical relief rather than a heart, brain or courage. They wanted a polyp and bile duct stone removed and a bleeding varix fixed. Fun! I have photos somewhere.

After qualifying as a doctor in 1963, my first position as a “house surgeon” (AKA intern) was at Kingston Hospital in London. Someone suggested we should do a show, and I agreed to help. One thing led to another and I wrote (late at night after a long day’s work), then directed, produced and acted in our medical version of Cinderella. Oh yes I did!

I seem to have some memorabilia and the original typescript from almost 60 years ago

We had the Ugly Nursing Sisters, Dr Charming and of course Nurse Cinderella

Dr Alarming (me), the anesthesiologist with designs on Nurse Derella Sin, the Hairy Godmother and a chorus line

The Beatles had just got started, so the 3 “Insects” sang “Love me do”…

And some examples of the terrible text


Got that off my chest….

All part of lifes rich tapestry