Orlando Endoscopy Live WOW

Orlando Endoscopy Live WOW

Just back from attending a stunning conference at the Digestive Health Institute in Orlando organized by good friends Shyam Varadarajulu and Rob Hawes. Amazing what they have achieved in little more than a year since taking their team to the Orlando Health system. Their Center for Advanced endoscopy, Research and Education (CARE) is already impressive, and still growing.

Having particiated in endoscopy meetings in over 50 countries (in over 50 years) I can attest that this meeting was among the very best. Leading superstars from all over the world demonstrated a range of cutting-edge procedures, the discussions were great and the organization faultless.

On a personal note, I was delighted to assist my hero from Hyderabad, Nagy Reddy (not that he needs any help)

And I raise a glass in unison with Rob Hawes to record my sincere admiration for what my long-time friend has achieved

Good memories….